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6 Halloween Events in Chicago You Should Attend

The smell of pumpkin spice and crisp cool Chicago air can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming. For kids, it’s a chance to stock up on a year’s worth of candy in one day. For adults, it’s a fun escape from reality – allowing you to dress up and sip on spirits. However, combining […]

4 Fun Ways to Use a Coach Bus for Your Next Rental

Have you ever thought about renting a coach or charter bus for your next event or get together? They are more practical and can be used for more types of events than you may think. Here are 4 fun ways to use a coach bus for your next rental. 1. Michigan Wine Tour With plenty […]

8 Public Art Pieces to See on Your Hop on, Hop off Tour

Chicago is home to some of the most beautiful and iconic pieces of public art in the world. Most of you have probably heard of Cloud Gate (a.k.a. “The Bean”) or seen The Picasso in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Fugitive, but what about all the other great public works of art around the […]

The Top 7 Must-See Spots in Chicago During the Fall

Fall is a beautiful time in our fair city of Chicago and there are plenty of fun things to do before the snow begins to fall. From great restaurants with a view to costume contests and trick or treating for the kids to breweries for the adults, there is so much to do and see […]

How to Take an Inexpensive Trip to Chicago

We get it…taking a trip anywhere can mean the dollar signs quickly add up. Travel doesn’t come cheap these days, and a trip to the Windy City is no different. But it doesn’t have to be like that! There is plenty you can do to make your vacation or next trip to Chicago a great, […]

Best Chicago Festivals in September

While September has become synonymous with back to school shopping, the return of the cold and the end of summer, there’s still some hope! Here in Chicago, we don’t let those things get in the way of our fun. So we have compiled a list of our favorite festivals all throughout September. Mark your calendars […]

Top Tips for Your Next Chicago Trolley Rental

So you have your friends together and your trolley ride booked, now what? There are some necessities you’re going to want to make sure you bring and things to prepare for in order to have a successful (and fun) time on your Chicago Trolley rental. Whether you’re going on a pub crawl, birthday party, or […]

5 Reasons to Visit Chicago This Summer [Part II]

Last time, we covered the first two reasons to visit Chicago this summer. Today, we’re going to cover the last three. 3. Architecture The architecture of Chicago’s buildings is like none other in the world. From the skyscrapers of downtown to the unique landmarks and monuments throughout our streets, the skyline of Chicago will take […]

5 Reasons to Visit Chicago This Summer [Part I]

If your family is like most, summer is meant for trips with your loved ones. Packing up your kids and a suitcase and traveling to your favorite destination – or a brand new location you’ve never explored – is a summer mainstay. This summer, consider making Chicago your vacation destination. With plenty to offer our […]

Employee Spotlight with Kelly & Tara

  You might’ve noticed that we have a phenomenal sales staff on the ground during the summer to answer your questions and get you on our double deckers! This summer, Chicago Trolley & Double Decker had the privilege of working with two extraordinary students from Ireland: Kelly Holden & Tara Conlon. Hear what they have […]