Employee Spotlight with Kelly & Tara

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August 11, 2017


You might’ve noticed that we have a phenomenal sales staff on the ground during the summer to answer your questions and get you on our double deckers! This summer, Chicago Trolley & Double Decker had the privilege of working with two extraordinary students from Ireland: Kelly Holden & Tara Conlon. Hear what they have to say about their time in the Windy City!

Kelly Holden

Tara Conlon

Why did you decide to work in the US this summer?
Kelly: I decided to work in the US this summer to experience the working life in a different country.
Tara: I decided to work in the US this summer to gain experience in America and experience the culture.

What is a normal day at Chicago Trolley for you?
Kelly: Most customers wondering how I speak so fast, getting asked for directions around a city I’ve no clue about and people asking me how is it possible to be so sunburnt!
Tara: After a team meeting at base, I spend the day at one of the 13 different stops Chicago trolley and double decker has to offer. Throughout the day I experience constant customer interaction.

What do you love most about working at Chicago Trolley?
Kelly: Dealing with so many different kinds of people between the staff and the customers!
Tara: A day working for Chicago trolley goes by so quickly! I love the customer interaction the most.

What is a career lesson you’ve learned thus far working here?
Kelly: Not to be rude towards sales people who are out on the street!
Tara: It’s always important to greet people with a friendly and approachable nature.

Which movie character does your manager most remind you of?
Kelly: Henry – Spider Man.
Tara: Reina ….mila kunis.

If you were stuck on an Island with 2 people at this company, who would they be and why?
Kelly: Rojas for the craic/ Mexican food and Hector C for his lovely homemade desserts!
Tara: Kelly Holden for entertainment and Jayden for directions!!

Where’s your favorite place/thing to eat in Chicago?
Kelly: McPick 2 for $3 in McDonald’s!
Tara: Bubba gumps! The shrimp!!

What’s your favorite place to visit in Chicago?
Kelly: Navy Pier.
Tara: Willis tower, sky deck!

Sox or Cubs?
Tara: Go Cubs!

Favorite customer interaction while working?
Kelly: Having a laugh with them trying to understand our accent! And the odd tip you get here and there is very nice!
Tara: Customer: you from Ireland???? I love your accent! The freckles and orange hair gave it away! Put on that sun cream!