Tie the Knot with Chicago Trolley

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January 10, 2017


The cake has been delivered, the flowers have been delicately placed, and your loved ones are gathering to celebrate you and the love of your life. It’s your wedding day, and all that’s left to do is a) actually get married and b) let an elegant Chicago Trolley carry you from place to place. Classically ornate and designed around your needs, our wedding trolley rentals are there to be your magical steed for the big day. Here is why you can’t let this opportunity drive by:

Chicago Trolley is street smart.

When it comes to the reach of our service, Chicago Trolley has quite the wingspan. We provide transportation for weddings in all surrounding suburbs and the surrounding states. We can even pick up your guests at their hotel after dropping you off at your ceremony location. City Hall has given us special parking and staging privileges, allowing us to also coordinate with hotels and venues for such pick-ups and drop-offs. This also applies for photoshoot locations!

Photo opportunities are prime.

Photographs capture the true essence of a wedding day. That’s why we want to ensure the best photo opportunities possible. Our trolleys are elegant in themselves with glossy red exteriors, old-time wooden interior seating, and large arched windows with frosted detailing. Along with that, our bus drivers often collaborate with photographers to suggest the best places to stop. No one knows the beauties of Chicago better than a Chicago Trolley driver.

Reliable drivers = less stress for you.

Our drivers have a fine reputation when it comes to punctuality and professionalism as we take weddings seriously. They are known to arrive early to each stop, enabling stress free and smooth transitions in your action-packed day. Our drivers are also there to enable a fun-loving environment for you and your loved ones.

This ride is personal for you and for us.

With Chicago Trolley, you are free to bring whatever food, beverages, and decorations you desire! Feel free to uncap your favorite brewed beers or pass the box of cupcakes around to your wedding party. We also encourage any wedding decorations to personalize your ride – all while playing your favorite songs through our speakers, of course. This is your experience, therefore you should be able to steer it in whatever direction you want!

Transportation is an integral part of your wedding day. Chicago Trolley will make planning and executing each part of your day as smooth as possible. You should be making memories during this time, not stressing about logistics. For more information on wedding rentals, visit our private wedding rental page. To see what others have to say of our wedding services, visit The Knot.

We look forward to planning an incredible day with you!