Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can we start the tour?

You can start the tour at any of our twelve stops downtown. There’s no official starting point. We number the stops simply for a reference point. You can start at the one that’s most convenient for you! *Please note: 4400 S. Racine is our mailing address, NOT where you start the tour.

I purchased my tickets online, where can I go to redeem my voucher? Is just the voucher number okay or does it have to be printed out?

You can go to any of the 12 stops and take your confirmation number to start your tour. You DON’T have to print the voucher! You can show it to us on your phone, write down your confirmation number and what tickets you purchased, OR or print it. Your choice.  Just because you pick a date on the website ticket form, that doesn’t mean you have to start your tour on that date. We redeem your voucher any day you’d like to start. If there are no sales staff at that particular stop, the driver will let you on and you can redeem once you’re at a tour stop with sales staff.

Can I buy tickets in person at a tour stop?

Absolutely! We have sales staff members at each of our tour stops; (Stops 1, 3 and 8 in Fall/Winter) plus, any driver or tour guide on the double deckers and trolleys can assist you in buying tickets. It’s best to buy your tickets on our website because you get a discount, plus you guarantee you have a ticket in advance and can start your tour when you’re ready.

Where do we park?

There are hundreds of parking lots in downtown Chicago. We love this website: It shows plenty of inexpensive options in the Loop, River North, Navy Pier, and Millennium Park areas. These are all very near many of our tour stops.

How long is the tour without hopping off?

If you decide not to get off the tour and just ride all the way around, it usually takes two hours depending on the time and day. Traffic and drawbridge openings are a part of life here in Chicago, but we try our very best to keep the full loop within these parameters.

How frequently do the vehicles arrive at each stop?

In the Fall/Winter season vehicles arrive every 45-50 minutes Monday- Friday and every 30-40 minutes Saturday and Sunday.  Vehicles will arrive more frequently in summer. Waiting times between vehicles can vary, depending on the time of year and waits of up to 50 minutes may sometimes be experienced in the Fall/Winter. Wait times at each Trolley stop are not guaranteed due to the uncertainty of Chicago traffic.

Do your vehicles stop running at 5:00PM? When is the last time we can board the vehicle/tour?

From May through the October 8th, the last time you can board a double decker or trolley for the Downtown Tour is 5:00PM. In Fall and Winter, the last loops start at 4:00pm.

Do you offer a group discount?

You bet! Yes! If you have a group of fifteen or more people, our website ticket form will automatically discount you 20% at the checkout. Or you can call us anytime at 773.648.5000.

When should I book by?

We advise you to book a few weeks to a month in advance, but call or email us anytime. We’ll work really hard to make sure you can rent a trolley or double decker for your private event.  For wedding Saturdays in the warm-weather months, we suggest months in advance. Pub crawl Friday and Saturday nights are wildly busy year round, so call early. But don’t shy away even if it’s last minute. We just love to hear from you.  We’re in the YES business.

You can call us on our direct private rental line at 773.890.2000 or request a quote here on our website. We try very hard to accommodate all our cherished private clients.

How does the reservation process work?

We reserve your trolley or double decker for exactly the time you want. You pick the times, the pick-up spot, and the itinerary. We send you a contract for your approval. Once you sign and return the contract, you’re all set. We take 50% for the deposit and need the remaining balance about two weeks before your event. We have a fair and understandable cancellation policy, plus we work with you every step of the way. Call us or request a quote right here on our website.

How is the trolley set up?

All of our trolleys are the same classic red & green masterpieces from Maine where they’re custom-built for us. They all look exactly the same. They have forward-facing oak benches with brass and iron railings. Absolutely classic. There’s a cord and hook-up for your iPod or phone so you can play music. We have PA systems on every trolley. We also have fun on every trolley.

Can we have food & drinks?

Food and alcoholic drinks are totally fine on trolleys. Though there is no alcohol allowed on double decker buses, you can bring food and non-alcoholic drinks. We don’t do pub crawls on double deckers. Those are for trolleys. For trolleys, you can bring your coolers full of food and alcoholic drinks. We have no clean-up fee! We have 24-hour mechanics and cleaners on our staff who make sure you get a clean and safe vehicle. Because of a Chicago city law, a security guard must be on vehicles where alcohol is present or a vehicle is going to multiple stops where alcohol is served. We work with a reputable security company and set everything up for you. You don’t have to do anything extra except incur the cost which we include in your package.

Do you charge per stop?

Absolutely not! You’re welcome to make as many stops as you’d like during your rental. You pick the itinerary. We can help if you need it. We’re experts at pub crawls and wedding photo itineraries.

Do you go to the suburbs or outside Illinois?

Yes! We drive on the highway all the time. Double deckers have to stay within the city limits and near downtown Chicago because of height restrictions with the viaducts and train tracks, but trolleys can go anywhere! We do big events in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Our only rule is that we can’t take people across state lines, but we can go to other states and drive for events. But as far as the Chicago suburbs go, we’re there every day. Chicagoland is our specialty and passion.