Top Tips for Your Next Chicago Trolley Rental

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August 28, 2017

So you have your friends together and your trolley ride booked, now what? There are some necessities you’re going to want to make sure you bring and things to prepare for in order to have a successful (and fun) time on your Chicago Trolley rental. Whether you’re going on a pub crawl, birthday party, or just to see the city; we’ve gathered a list of tips to help you plan for your day or night of fun with your squad. Here are the best tips to prepare for your Chicago Trolley rental — trust us, we have years of experience.


Pack A Cooler

If you plan on bringing drinks or food, a cooler is a must. Especially in the hot summer months your drinks will quickly get warm, and no one likes a warm beer. Keep beverages cold by bringing your own cooler and we’ll help you load it on and even fill it with ice. It can be a bumpy ride so avoid bringing any glass beverages. We also recommend packing extra snacks to prevent any “hangry” guests.


Plan Your Route Ahead Of Time

While your driver only needs to know the pickup and drop-off locations, your rental will be much smoother if you know in advance all the places you want to stop. Before your trolley ride take time to make a plan of the pickup and drop-off locations and any stop in between. Don’t forget to factor in traffic when planning your ride and times. If you’re planning on doing a pub crawl check out our blogs on the best bars in each neighborhood for a stress-free rental.


Portable Chargers Are A Must

A trolley ride can easily be ruined by a dead phone. Don’t let the party stop by forgetting to bring a portable phone charger. Your phone will be essential for playing music and taking photos of your journey. Bring an extra charger and you’ll be a great friend for helping out anyone who didn’t come prepared.


Create a Music Playlist

Your party wouldn’t be set without a playlist to jam to on your trolley ride. Curate a playlist to blast while riding through the city with your friends. Set the tone from chill beats to party anthems. All of our trolleys are equipped with speakers that easily connect with your phone. Get ready to dance the night away!


Make a Facebook Event Group

If you really want to be prepared, make a Facebook event page for your trolley rental. This is a great place to provide your friends with all the details of the trip. Make the pickup location and time clear for all the guests. An event page is an easy way to give updates along the way of your ride for anyone who gets lost or joins late. You can also take suggestions for locations to stop at along the ride and songs for the playlist. Organization helps everyone have a smooth trolley rental with no delays.


And Of Course, Take Lots of Photos!

While on your ride, remember to take photos of all your friends having a good time. They’ll be memories you’ll want to capture to look back on. Make sure you have enough space on your phone to take photos and if bringing a camera, extra battery packs and memory cards. Take some photos of perfect candid laughing pics and the beautiful city of Chicago. Don’t forgot to get a group photo of everyone outside the trolley before you leave; our trolley drivers are excellent photographers. How else are you going to brag to all your friends who didn’t come how much fun they’re missing out on?


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