Chicago Pub Crawl Trolley Rental

City of Chicago IRIS #5752.

We invented and perfected the pub crawl in Chicago. We do over a thousand per year and are recognized as the most fun and reliable party vehicle. We can help you design your night or we’ll do exactly what you want. Our staff members are experts at bar crawls, birthday parties, take-the-day-off excursions, and whatever type of party you have planned. Coolers full of drinks and food are welcome. You can bring them to us in advance and we’ll ice them down and bring them out to you. We’ll pick you up at your apartment, house, hotel, bar, or restaurant. You can make mix CDs or hook up your iPod or phone to our soundsystem. There are almost two thousand bars in Chicago. Let us safely drive you to as many as you want. Our motto for party trolleys and pub crawls is, “You crawl. We drive.”